This book is dedicated to older people who refuse to use age as an excuse not to live life to its fullest. Artist and Catholic missionary Father Frans Claerhout said, “God, you have lots of time, I don’t. Help me to live before I die.” Inspired by this quote, Frans Human wrote Live Before You Die, a vibrant perspective on life that will help older readers love, accept, and make use of every single day.

Live Before You Die is a powerful, professional, and fun read that urges us to change our outlook on life as we approach old age. Frans Human insists we should be as determined as ever to treat every day as an opportunity to achieve our goals rather than consider it a passage of time as we wait for death to arrive. With a no-nonsense approach, he provides us with easy lessons on how to efficiently manage health, hygiene, social, and financial concerns without having to rely on others for assistance. He applauds independence and persuades us to have a real purpose in life, and to discover new reasons to get out of bed each morning.

Illustrated by a celebrated cartoonist, Live Before You Die is a source of entertainment as well as a guide. It’s a treasure worth keeping to constantly remind us that life should never be wasted. As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” And in the end, says Human, the choice is entirely ours.

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